• The Spiritual Guide To Tanzanite


    The healing properties of tanzanite are some of the most valuable of all the stones used for metaphysical healing, and thus the spiritual meaning of tanzanite is important to consider. Personally, I own many tanzanite rings and a large tanzanite pendant to help develop my psychic power, as I have worked in the past (and continue to, on occasion) work as a spiritual psychic and reader.


    Tanzanite is a member of the zoisite family of crystals, and thus have a high vibration and a powerful metaphysical property. As Stones of Transformation, the stones themselves transform, beginning their natural lives as a matte reddish brown, until exposed to flame and fire, upon which their inner intense blue and purple hues shine through.


    Tanzanite comes in many different shades, including a light violet blue stone, which is known to activate the Heart Chakra, and then link with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. This is why tanzanite can offer such a powerful vibration that will transform the way you look at the world, or a certain situation. The linkage of three Chakras can cause accelerated spiritual growth, and can initiate intense healing.


    Even wearing a violet blue tanzanite ring or large tanzanite pendant can help fan the flame of healing within, opening up your Chakras and preparing you for metaphysical and emotional transformation. Tanzanite Rings Headquarters speakes more to this in their resource section. If your loved one is looking for a way to increase her connection to her inner self, a tanzanite ring or jewelry piece could allow her to expand her spiritual growth.


    But the best tanzanite for such growth must be high quality, and – of course – ethnically procured. This is crucial for gemstones used in healing, as your own healing cannot begin with a stone that was used to harm others.


    If used correctly or worn on a daily basis, tanzanite jewelry can stimulate your psychic connection and nourish your inner spirit. Many healers often wear at least one tanzanite talisman, or utilize tanzanite as one of several gems in their gemstone collections. Wearing a tanzanite ring, even with a small tanzanite stone within it, can help with meditation and healing.


    There spiritual benefits of tanzanite range widely, but are all incredibly worthwhile to explore, especially as this beautiful stone is also the perfect addition to the healing jewelry you already wear.


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